The EM project is based on a selection of electromagnetic soundscapes, obtained by recording an AM radio output in different moments of the day at different frequencies. The recordings are afterwards manipulated in order to enhance their intrinsic musicality, without altering the source with new added material or cut-and-paste operations. Radio beacons, electromagnetic field of electric machines, communication codes and interval signals are some of the sources I try to reveal to listeners as hidden chants of machines, that developing on a different speeds than ours, touches us, hug us, in a way, and go through us without caring, without letting us know their invisible presence.
Here are some of the albums, works, installations and live performances that are explicitly related to the project.

Single works


Punti, Linee (2009)

Miraloop - Diamonds, digital release

01 - Punti, linee (10'14")
02 - Field (7'51")
03 - Lied (10'11")
04 - Memory (7'47")
05 - Punti, linee Hi Layer Version (10'11")

Chinvat (2014)

Radical Matters - RMDE014, digital release

01 - Chivat (40'14")
02 - Sulla soglia (7'21")

Live sets

EM (since 2004)

Electromagnetic soundscapes from human signals, to the Earth to the stars.

recording @Cronosfera 2012