Live Projects

Here is a brief list of the main live sets that have been repeatedly performing over the last 10 years.

Sleep Listening (since 2017)

A more than 8 hours-long set for waking consciousness in a sleeping context.

Recombinant (since 2017)

A tribute to the masters of contemporary music of the last century.

recording @RadioRaheem 2018

Chinvat live (since 2016)

Intimate acusmonium for a rite of passage to the beyond.

Engines (since 2016)

The structure of everydays noise.

Polarity live (since 2016)

An invitation to auto-hypnosis through acoustical instrumental music and electronic waves.

EM (since 2004)

Electromagnetic soundscapes from human signals, to the Earth to the stars.

recording @Cronosfera 2012