Other / Aka

Along the years I have collaborated with many people such as directors, visual artists, dancers, actors and many more. Moreover I have taken part in a number of projects for commercial music production, music for video and theatres, art installation and so on, alone or within a team. Sometimes, in order to express the many identities of my creativity I have used nicknames such as ssim-el, sn, prof, overclockd and others.
While I have no intention to underestimate my participation to these projects, it is here impossible to track all the productions I realized outside my own specific artistic projects. I will here only mention a short number of projects that can be easily linked to a documentation in the net.


Otolab was founded in 2001 in Milan as a cultural association, by an affinity group of musicians, djs, vjs, videoartists, videomakers, web designers, graphic designers and architects joined to go through a common path in the field of the electronic music and audiovisual research. In these years, Otolab members have been welcomed to festivals, cultural events, museums, national and international galleries and have contributed to the realization of self-managed cultural initiatives.