Visual Arts and Installations


ANDROMEDA (2012) is made of 7 “musical boxes” whose spatial configuration mimes the position of seven stars in the Andromeda constellation. Each box gives voice to one star and emits an electronic signal that is always the same and at the same time always different. This is a code that express in a complex way some scientific data related to the star, such as its distance from the earth, its magnitudo, its color and its position in the celestial vault. Nevertheless this is not a simple sonification of a planetarium: each star emits a never ending message that is different for each one and is derived from the background cosmic radiation: the leftover of the Big Bang. Each message is therefore a call that brings us the testimony of the original noise, Andromeda is just a fragment of.


Graphic Scores

In the years I realized a number of graphic scores, such as TAZ (see also in scores) and the series under the title Book of Notations.

Studio su un Frammento da Mozart

Realization: 2012
Format: ink-jet print on aluminium foil with stereophonic audio
Dimensions of print: 100x25cm

This work is part of a larger study on drawing with sound. This work in particular is made by elaborating a fragment of W.A.Mozart's song "Die Veilchen".